About VRFlad

Hi, I'm VRFlad (he/him) - most call me Flad.

I enjoy pushing what is possible with technology and I'm particularly passionate about VR. Streaming was never planned, but I love it and have been so fortunate to be able to give back to the amazing streaming community.

Helping improve your stream!

My goal: To help unlock creativity for streamers!

I help primarily through videos I create for the awesome streamer bot but also cover other content and helpful web pages that you can find below. I am happy to answer questions and I often show the process of creation / troubleshooting and live assistance on stream.

Whilst I do not take commissions, I am always keen to hear about ideas that will help the community at large and I generally prioritise ones that will help the most and that I have time for. I appreciate ideas from any size of streamer and I never expect anything more than a thank you if I do something for you!

VRFlad's fast track

(Requires Streamer bot 0.1.8 or higher!)
A set of videos to guide you to get the bot set up with significant functionality with minimal time and effort required. Want a bot with over 50 commands with minimal effort? This is the place to start!

VRFlad's bites

This video series is designed to enable incremental updates to your bot, with easy to follow and find content. It also describes actions / code used so that you can learn to improve your stream further.

Pronouns support

Go beyond detecting and sharing pronouns in your stream with being able to customise responses according to a user's pronouns. Requires streamer bot.

Twitch Image resizers

Easily resize images to work for:
Twitch Channel point images. or
Twitch Subscriber badges.

Synth riders

Easily create a custom platform image with this page!

Twitch Streams

I am a variety streamer, primarily VR content, but all sorts of games as well as technology content including streamer bot, app and website creation.

Streaming is a hobby and I do not ask for subs, cheers or tips, but I appreciate any support I get and all the income gets re-invested into the stream.

I highlight a different charity each month to raise awareness on important work that they do. You can join in with the monthly community challenge using channel points to hit a goal. When the challenge goal is met, I will donate to the charity. Money from subs, cheers and tips is not used for the donation.


I wouldn't be streaming if it weren't for the wonderful support I get, especially from Ostrogothia and Allanon72. I appreciate your friendship and support so much.
Thanks also to my other mods: Bludshed187, Coffee_Loving_Gamer, CinematicM, JustBeGaming_ and Loyaltea!

Thanks for the amazing emotes and artwork from Ostrogothia used on Twitch, YouTube, this website and merch (coming soon-ish) and also to CinematicM for the awesome ghostie emote. Please do check out their work and shops at:
CinematicM on Etsy

Thank you to Alan Fullmer for the amazing music, both in VR Rhythm games and for letting me use your awesome music in my stream.

Last but certainly not least, thank you to all the amazing support from VIPs, regulars, lurkers and people sharing kind messages / comments for my work. It is all appreciated so much!