VRFlad's Fast Track - Part 4 - Install Fast Track package

Like Streamer bot, the Fast Track package doesn't currently have an installer. It just needs to be unzipped to the same folder where Streamer bot is installed.


If there is a data folder in the target folder already, this step will remove any existing configuration. Should this be done by accident, you can look at restoring settings from backup (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5z-ULoqxmiA).


If there is a data folder there already, it is recommended to use a new install of the bot. There will be an upgrade version of the fast track released at a later time.

To Install

Download from https://vrflad.com/fasttrack/fasttrack.zip
Note: Be sure to only download the Fast Track package from VRFlad.com

Drag the data folder from within the zip file and place it in the directory where Streamer bot is installed.