VRFlad's Fast Track - Part 10 - Command reference with customisation notes

At this point everything is set up for the bot. You can now look at extending what you have created so far to personalise and to customise further.

Mod Commands
Latest Overlay
Events and Visual Notificiations
Ask Ouija
Champion of the Hill
Be Right Back Player
Hydrate / Strech
Chat Actions
Chat Commands
Death Counter
Pronouns Support
Emote Rain

In addition to these, it's worth checking out the VRFlad's bites for streamer bot to further add to and customise your bot!

Mod Commands

All of these require Moderator / Editor / Streamer permissions.

Enable emergency mode for the stream. This is to be used to protect the stream during a bot follower bomb or hate raid. This will do the following:
Create stream marker | Enable slow mode | Restrict chat to those who have followed for >1h | Prevent the exact same message in chat | Disable emote rain / visual alerts.

This disables the above restrictions. Please note if you normally have options for needing to follow a fixed time before chat, you should change the message send sub-action "/followers 0m".

!setso <user>
Set a custom shout out message for <user>. This is put at the end of the shout out messages, either regular or video.

!so <user>
Performs a text shout out for <user>. If the user doesn't have a game set, then the bot will not perform a shout out for them.
You can customise the message sent to chat. I suggest testing it to understand how the variables (parts between percentage signs) work before changing anything. See the Pronouns Support section on how these are used. If you change the message here, I suggest changing the message for the video shout out as well.

!vso <user>
Perform a video shout out for <user>. This requires the VRFlad Fast Track Alerts scene to be nested in the current scene in OBS to be able to show the clip. Feel free to resize or to move the location of the VRF-VSO source in the scene to one that works for you.

This command will switch scene to the VRFlad Fast TrackBRB scene and start playing random clips from your channel until the scene is changed again. You will need to customise the scene yourself, only the BRB part is included. You also will likely want to nest the VRFlad Fast Track Alerts scene.

!setgame <game>
Set game to <game>.

!settitle <title>
Set stream title to <title>.

Share the raid message with the stream. This can easily be changed in the action.

Latest overlay

The package comes with an overlay to show the latest events that have happened in the channel. These will only record events when the web page is running. If you do not have the latest overlay in the scene, ensure you do not have the option "Shutdown source when not visible" selected in the VRF-Latest source in the VRFlad Fast Track Alerts scene.

By default the overlay will show:
For affiliates / partners: Follow, Subscription, Cheer, Raid.
For non-affiliates: Follow, Host, Raid.

You can customise the aesthetic of the overlay by selecting options in https://vrflad.com/overlays/.

Events and Visual Notifications

Along with the latest overlay, there is one for alerts (VRF-Alerts).
This can be configured or changed to an alternative one by going through options in https://vrflad.com/overlays/

In addition, there are simple alerts set up under the events section in the Actions tab for the following events:
Cheer (Anonymous).
Gift Bomb.
Gift Sub.
New Follower.
New Subscriber.
StreamElements Tip.
Streamlabs Tip.

These will just send a basic message to the channel, but you can easily expand on them.
There is a video covering how to control video and images using actions - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0J5ySo_0ISY.
You can also add sound playback easily by using the sub-actions for sounds.

There is one additional action for events which is triggered the first time a viewer sends a message in chat. This is the Welcome action.
This action will welcome the user into a channel, and if the user is a streamer and you both follow each other, it will perform a regular shout out in chat.

If you want to stop the welcome message or the shout out, you can then remove the Message sub-actions.

Ask Ouija

!askouija <question>
This command (usable by any by default, with 120 second cooldown) will ask the Ouija board a question and to give a random answer.

You can review or change the ouija board responses by looking at the responses.txt file under the data folder where the bot is installed.

It is strongly recommended to create a channel point reward for this as per instructions in Part 9 - Set up Channel points (opt).

Champion of the Hill

A fun visual game for chat to join to fight out to see who is the Champion of the Hill.
This runs for about 90 seconds total and you can customise names for Champion and Hill by changing the setglobal sub actions from the StartFight Action.

It is strongly recommended to create a channel point reward for this as per instructions in Part 9 - Set up Channel points (opt).

Hydrate / Stretch

By default, these require moderator permissions to run.
Remind the streamer they should hydrate.

Remind the streamer they should stretch.

It is strongly recommended to create a channel point reward for these as per instructions in Part 9 - Set up Channel points (opt).

Chat Actions

These can be easily edited to customise the messaging to better fit your channel.

!boop <user>
Boop the <user>.

Flips a coin and tells you the heads or tails outcome.

!cuddle <user>
Cuddles the <user> for you.

!dance <user>
You dance with the <user>.

!fistbump <user>
Give the <user> a fistbump.

!headpat <user>
Praise <user> by giving them a headpat.

!highfive <user>
High five the <user>.

!hug <user>
Hug the <user>.

!love <input>
Ask the bot how much you love <input>.

Let chat know that you are lurking
Note:If you want to disable the visual animation during the lurk command, just rename the action from VisualLurk

Roll a standard 6 sided dice.

!tickle <user>
Tickle the <user>.

Let chat know that you are no longer lurking!

Chat Commands

Show the commands available in the stream. It will only show commands that the viewer has permission to.

Show the create date of the viewers twitch account.

Display the current date for the streamer.

Shows how long the viewer has been following the streamer.

Displays the date when the viewer followed the streamer.

Output the total follower count for the channel.

Shows the current game, stream title, uptime and current view count.

Display the current time for the streamer.

Displays how long the stream has been running for.

Death Counter

Show the death count for the current game and total across all games.

Add a death to the current game and total death counts.

Remove a death to the current game and total death counts.

!deathsreset <number>
Set the deaths to <number> for the current game without changing the total deaths. This is good if you want to keep the total deaths going and to use the current deaths to be the current stream count.

Reset the total deaths to 0. Does not reset per game deaths.

!deathsset <number>
Sets the deaths for the current game to <number> and adjusts the total deaths by the difference between new / old value.

Pronouns Support

The Fast Track package has pronoun support built in, by default picking up what has been set in https://pronouns.alejo.io/.
It goes beyond the pronoun display and will enable customised responses in your sentences. Check out https://vrflad.com/pronouns/ for more information.

Display your current pronouns.

Override the pronouns set with a custom set of pronouns (see https://vrflad.com/pronouns/).

Reset the pronouns to default / force a refresh.

!modpronounsoverride <user>
Override the pronouns set with a custom set of pronouns for <user> (see https://vrflad.com/pronouns/).

!modpronounsreset <user>
Reset the pronouns for <user> to default / force a refresh (Mod only)


!quote add <quote to add>
Add quote <quote to add>.
You need Moderator permission to add quotes by default, but this can also be changed to Viewer \ Vip \ Broadcaster.

!quote del #
Delete quote number #.

!quote #
Display quote number #.

Display random quote.

Note: you can customise the output for the quotes by changing the Quote add and Quote get actions.

Emote Rain

The emote rain system can be modified by changing the URL in the VRF-Rain source in the VRFlad Fast Track Alerts scene.

It is set up with all the functionality, but you can change this to:
https://vrflad.com/emoterain/?rain - to be able to rain emotes using !er rain <emotename> <emotename2> <emotename3>.
https://vrflad.com/emoterain/?welcome - to shower down multiple copies of a viewer when they first chat.
https://vrflad.com/emoterain/?welcomeonly - to only have the first chat response and nothing else.
https://vrflad.com/emoterain/?lurkonly - to only have the visual lurk command.

To force disable the !er rain command, use &noer on the end of the url.
For example for all the functionality apart from the !er rain command:

You can find out more about the emote rain from the Streamer bot Bites video on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yG9IxEmy6w.