VRFlad's Fast Track for Streamer bot

This is the version for those new to Streamer bot
Click here for the version if you have Streamer bot already configured.

REQUIRES Streamer bot version 0.1.8!

Have you heard about the awesome Streamer bot? It's regarded by many as the best bot for streaming and allows you to fully unlock your creativity!
Whilst very powerful, some find it can be difficult to get started and often migrating bots can take time.

This is where the Fast Track series comes in - this is the quickest way to get a fully functioning bot that's customised to your channel. There are both video and web pages to guide you through the process.

Best of all, Fast Track is completely free - I do this as a way to give back to the amazing community.

This is best using the video and web page together as you go through the process.

Launch the video here:

Then jump straight to the 10 easy steps to set up Streamer bot for yourself!.

What's included

Nested scene in OBS for Alerts with all the sources needed. Created for you by Streamer bot with a one time setup command.
Triggers for Events - New follow / sub / raid etc. Including guides on how to personalise further.
Emergency commands - lock down your stream should you get unwanted attention.
Overlays to show latest information and for notification style alerts. Fully customisable with a companion website to pick from Follow, Cheer, Sub, ReSub, Gift Sub, Gift Bomb, Raid Host, Hype Train, and Tip events
Pronouns support - included in several actions, like shout outs.
Emote rain - Show emotes used in chat on stream. Includes raining profile pictures with the welcome.
Automated welcome - with automated shout outs for streamers (where there's a mutual follow).
Visual Lurk - in addition to lurk / unlurk commands, get a visual response when your viewers lurk with their display picture.
Video shout outs to grab a random clip from the specified streamer and to show a clip. Tries to get a clip within 30 days if possible first
Be right back player - A scene that will play clips of your channel while you are having a break, regardless of how long you are away (requires clips available).
Champion of the Hill Stream game where viewers can join in and to fight it out to decide the Champion!
Ask Ouija - Allow viewers to ask a question and to get a response from a predefined list.
Death counter - That counts both deaths on the current game and also overall deaths.
Channel Point style redeems - Hydrate and Stretch.
Chat actions - boop, coinflip, cuddle, dance, fistbump, headpat, high five, hug, love, roll(dice), tickle
Quotes system - Set up and ready to go for addition of quotes by Mods (can be easily set to VIP).
Chat commands - Created date, streamer date / time, uptime, follow age / date followed.
Mod commands - Set game / title, shout outs, custom shout out messages, show raid message, move into BRB scene.
Automatic updating !commands - Shows only the commands that the viewer has access to

Note: During the process, you will be shown how to disable any of the functionalities.

The 10 steps to upgrade your bot to the next level

WARNING - Going through these steps wipes out any previous configuration for the bot!

For those already using Streamer bot there will be upgrade packages released at a later time.
In the meantime you may want to look at the VRFlad's Bites for Streamer bot series
  1. Install OBS
  2. Set up OBS websockets
  3. Install Streamer bot
  4. Install Fast Track package
  5. Streamer bot tour
  6. Connect Streamer bot to Twitch / OBS
  7. Set up OBS scenes
  8. Personalise commands (required)
  9. Set up Channel points (optional)
  10. Command reference with customisation notes

Thank you / Credits

Thanks to Nate1280 for making the bot. His patreon is available via https://streamer.bot.

I wouldn't be streaming and creating Streamer.bot content if it weren't for the wonderful support I get, especially from: Ostrogothia (who did so much QA on the website and other testing) and Allanon72. I appreciate your friendship and support so much.
Thanks also to my other awesome mods:
Bludshed187, Coffee_Loving_Gamer, CinematicM, JustBeGaming_ and Loyaltea!

To those helping test this / giving feedback and some command code through the development:
McMelon_xoxo, CxrruptDreamer, LeBluxTV (Sanshoo), Geocym, TerrierDarts, Lyfesaver and GoWMan.

Thanks for the amazing emotes and artwork from Ostrogothia used on Twitch, YouTube, this website and merch (coming soon-ish).
CinematicM for the awesome ghostie emote.
Please do check out their work and shops at:
CinematicM on Etsy.

Thank you to Alan Fullmer for the amazing music, both in VR Rhythm games and for letting me use your awesome music in my videos and streams.

Thanks to https://pronouns.alejo.io/ for the amazing pronouns service that this builds on top of

Last, but certainly not least: Thank you to all the amazing support from VIPs, regulars, lurkers and people sharing kind messages / comments for my work. It is very much appreciated and keeps me motivated to make more content.